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My Trading Academy featuring our Summer Community Ambassador TJ Hendy.

Meet TJ Hendy

Nutri-Grain Ironman, Young Gun Trader
and My Trading Academy | IDTA Ambassador.

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Hello there! My name is TJ Hendy (Trevor Jack), I have grown up with a fortunate and blessed lifestyle, thanks to my family. I am currently a professional athlete in the Kelloggs Nutri-grain Ironman Series and ranked among the top 5 ironmen in the world. I have a couple of professional wins, an Australian and World Title under my belt, and I plan to improve my ranking. I am 25 years old and my professional sporting career offers me a 10-year window, tops, to set myself up financially. So, I’m planning for my future and have fallen in love with trading futures!

Here is my problem, one day, in the not too distant future, this sporting career will all be gone. And people are telling me I need to plan for that. Will I work a fulltime job? I really don’t think that with the experiences I have had and lifestyle I am leading right now, that I could work 9-5 and not go insane. With every problem there is always a solution though. I decided not to give in and am committed to living my dream no matter what.

I found a way to do just that recently and boy oh boy am I excited. I am now studying day trading in the futures market. Something I never thought would interest me so much. Time on a computer? I’d usually say no thanks. Never say never though, now I’m investing one to two hours a day studying and in simulation trading with awesome platforms and teaching (NinjaTrader 7 and my courses with the International Day Trading Academy), both are amazing and are giving me hope for a future with no restrictions. Owning houses, travelling the world and one day giving my children the life that they deserve.


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